Custom-made products

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In the early industrial age the term “Konfektion” in German or “confection” in French referred to the serial production of ready-made clothing. Today, the German term “Konfektion” also refers to the production of other ready-made products for specific purposes – including insulation materials. In a modern production process, in practically all industries, ready-made products are essential for cost-effective assembly lines. They eliminate the need for costly changes right before the assembly step in the production lines.

WKT produces ready-made industrial insulation materials under cost-effective conditions in accordance with drawing specifications for use in prototyping, small-scale production and large-scale production.

Our range of services includes the option of a diverse range of surface coatings for industrial insulation materials. Adapted to your specific needs and the needs of the application.

Examples of ready-made products

Surface coating

Surface coating is one of our company’s specialist fields. We have optimum adhesive technologies for applying all kinds of insulation materials such as aluminium foils, glass fabrics, mineral fabrics as well as combinations.